All Apologies (2012)

Set in a small village in China's Guangxi Province, tragedy strikes Yonggui, a 38-year-old construction site supervisor. His only son is involved in a traffic accident while riding their neighbor Heman's pedicab and dies. The court orders Heman to pay a large sum of money in compensation, but he too, has suffered serious injuries and can not even pay the hospital fees. Furthermore, Yonggui is shocked to learn his wife, Yun Zhen, had secretly undergone a sterilization procedure. Yonggui demands of the hospitalized Heman, "give me my son back," but their conversation ends in mutual cursing. Enraged by Heman's sharp parting words, Yonggui goes to Heman's wife, Qiaoyu.

Movies Detail of All Apologies (2012)

✓ Title : All Apologies
✓ Release Date : September 25th, 2012
✓ Runtime :
✓ Director : Emily Tang
✓ Cast : Cheng Taishen, Shuting Tang, Jin Gao, Liang Jing

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